About us

This is Satfacts, the place we publish service updates for live-broadcast content we manage and transmit globally via satellite and fibre infrastructure.  Satfacts is published by AOS Productions on behalf of their content-producing clients.

The AOS-Satfacts team consists of Christopher Bretnall, Julia Nelson and valued colleagues in support as needed.  You will meet us all on the Helplines that run during the transmissions and you can contact us with general queries by email at chris@aosproductions.co.uk

2 Responses to About us

  1. Enric Llopis Torres, Barcelona, Spain says:

    Porque subtitulan los espectáculos? Why the spectacles are not subtitled? Please, do it

  2. satfacts says:

    Hello and thank you for getting in touch. Many of the Opera are subtitled as the librettos were translated many years ago and are freely available. Many of the Plays from e.g. NT Live are new (compared with opera) productions and have not been translated. The costs of doing so are usually uneconomic for the number of viewers. I hope the lack of subtitles does not detract too much from your enjoyment.

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