Met Opera: Francesca Da Rimini TX

The test period for today’s transmission will begin at 13:45GMT / 14:45CET
The user conference will be active from 13:15GMT
NB: Programme material starts at 15:55GMT / 16:55CET
IS10-02 services and T12 services established and stable at 13:28GMT
Eu5Wa services established and stable at 13:32GMT
WIN subtitle units rebooted causing brief loss of all European services at 13:45GMT 
15:34GMT. Incoming circuit failure, WIN switched to reserve.  Stable at 15:36GMT
15:41GMT. Main circuit stablilses so re routed back to line and subtitle units rebooted.  Stable again at 15:42GMT
Brief drop on T12 at request of Satellite operator at 16:51GMT
Content concludes at 19:55GMT
All European and Middle East services ceased at 20:00GMT

Goodnight All.

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