Storm Damage – Test your system

With a huge storm forecast throughout England and Wales in the next 24 hours, perhaps the strongest since 1987, with warnings of widespread structural damage.  It would be wise to check your satellite reception system as soon as the winds have dropped and you are confident the storm has past.

We suggest that you tune your system to the BTV1 channel, permanently broadcast on IS 10-02.

The parameters are:

Frequency: 11247
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 24500
Modulation: DVB or DVBS / QPSK – Not DVBS2
FEC: 7/8

You should receive a bouquet of channels from this multiplex – BTV1 will show an animation of a rocket launching, satellite deployment, a test signal and then the Telenor ident superimposed.

If you can see this service, your system should be OK.  If you can’t receive this channel you should contact your installer as it’s possible that your antenna or LNB have been damaged.

You should undertake this test as soon as the storm has past and make an appointment with your installer promptly if needs be.  The installers are likely to be very busy post storm so there may be a significant delay unless you get in early.

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