ROH: Don Giovanni TX

Please ensure you read all of this posting including warnings below.

22:40GMT Services ceased
22:36GMT content concludes
18:31GMT – a liitle extra added to IS10-02 to assist with any weather related local issues you might be experiencing
All services established and stable at 17:26GMT
The tuning period for tonights transmission begins at 17:30GMT/18:30CET

As you will be aware, severe weather conditions are affecting much of the UK this evening and strong winds / heavy rain can impact the reception of satellite signals.
The Royal Opera House has taken every measure possible to minimise these events but
nevertheless there may be brief losses of transmission during the performance
as a result. We apologise in advance for these possible outages, but hope you
understand the extreme nature of the weather this evening. We hope this does
not impact too much on your enjoyment of this opera.

Following the Met Office red wind warning for much of the UK.  You are strongly advised not to attempt a repair or repositioning your antenna if it is affected by the weather.  This could be highly dangerous and should be left to a professional with the correct safety and access equipment. 

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