Met Opera: Prince Igor TX

Services ceased at 21:42GMT
Content concludes at 21:37GMT

21:30GMT – There will be a video flash as they go to credits

Act3 begins at 20:45GMT. 11 minutes later than scheduled

Black to line from the Met at 20:34GMT for 30 secs – also 20:35GMT for 20 secs. Apparently there was a small fire in the New York production truck causing loss of the vision switcher.  They have moved to the emergency switcher / matrix for the rest of the show

20:32GMT – There are slight tech problems at the Met so the intermission has been extended by 5 minutes

Services returned at 15:17GMT
Black to line (all services) at 15:16GMT

Eu5Wa services established at 14:59GMT
IS905 services established at 14:56GMT
IS10-02 services established at 14:54GMT

The tuning period for today’s transmission will begin at 15:00GMT/16:00CET

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