NT Live: A small family business – TX


The “clock” is due to run from 20:12-20:31BST

The Interval Presentation will run from 20:31-20:36BST

Act-II due to start at 20:36


Subtitles restored at 18:18GMT
Further subs problem at 18:13GMT
Subtitles restored at 18:12GMT
Subtitle fault at 18:10GMT (no subtitles on subs feed)
IS905 established and stable 16:09GMT after antenna fault corrected at teleport
Still awaiting IS905 at 16:07GMT.  Will report when established
Slight delay in accessing IS905, currently expected before 16:05GMT
IS10-02 service established and stable 15:49GMT
The tuning period will commence at 16:00GMT/17:00BST (UK)/18:00CEST
Online clock here

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