MET OPERA: Pre-Season Embedded Subtitle Test 0930-1030GMT 5th Sept

UPDATE @ 0935GMT: the feed is stable with all the subtitle languages below successfully decoded here at CBS Ltd 


As you are aware, the Met Opera will be using embedded subtitles this Season. I am sure you also understand that the language you want must be selected via the remote control of your satellite receiver. CONSULT THE USER HANDBOOK IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS.

The available languages are: English German French Spanish Russian Italian French Swedish Portuguese

The usual conference bridge Helpline will be in place for the hour.  

The Helpline is NOT there to give individual tuning tutorials or instructions on subtitle selection. CONSULT THE USER HANDBOOK IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TUNE or Select

  As many of you are well versed in these type of subtitles I am sure all will go well.


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