Coca Cola “Overwatch” Test 22nd May 1100-1200GMT

UPDATE @1008:GMT. The feeds are now up and stable on all three satellites


The 2nd Test for this event will be on IS-1002, IS-905 and E5Wa at the above time.

Please note that there are MANY language channels available and you are likely to need to set the PID in your receiver to get the language you require. Here are the details:

Video: PID 308


Audio PIDS:  256 Eng     257 Ger     258 Spa     259 Fre     260 Itl     261 Pol     262 Por     263 Rus

Subtitle PIDS: 29 deu   30 spa    31 fra    6432 ita    6433 pol    6434 por    There are no Russian subtitles. Subs are best selected using the button or menu on your receiver.

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