André Rieu “Christmas with André” 19th November


UPDATE@15:59GMT The live broadcast is now up and stable on both satellites. We are happy that it is syncronous

UPDATE@1204GMT: The feed is now live again on both satellites. We understand that the previous audio issues should now have been resolved. If you are still having trouble with your Humax (as it seems to be only these receivers) then please

  1. Delete the channel from the earlier Tests.
  2. Unplug the Humax for 1-minute
  3. Re-power and retune
  4. (This has been successful for a number of cinemas already)

UPDATE@0920GMT: If you have an issue of having no audio you are advised to delete the channel and to re-tune from scratch

The Test feed (live from the OB) is now live and stable on IS-1002 and IS-905. It is there until 0945GMT/1045CET

News will follow here as needed.

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