SHEFFIELD DOC FEST “Whitney: Can I Be Me” Sunday 11th June


UPDATE@20:07 The Q+A has now started. It all looks great and lipsync is good.

UPDATE@19:55 The feed is now re-established on both satellites. There is a holding card with audio from the DCP in the background.

UPDATE@18:31 There were a large number of callers to all Helplines. For those with STB/Icecrypts, a channel-delete followed by re-tune seems to have resolved the issues. We are following up with the OB/SNG providers as to why changes were made to the structure of the feed leaving Sheffield.

UPDATE @17:31 Now with Holding card and mute audio

UPDATE@1725. The feed is now available again on IS1002 and IS-905. A reminder it is MPEG-4 and Stereo. Currently there is Televideo HD9 bars and 1kHz tone

The Test ceased at 1202. There were a number of technical issues on the feed and so please re-visit the channel at 1730.

Good morning.

The Test on IS-905 and IS-1002 started at 1100BST and is for 60′. The feed is HD1080 with STEREO audio.  Due to local SNG issues, this broadcast will be MPEG-4 QPSK. The service  ID is “Sheffield City Hall”.


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