Taormina – La Boheme Test and Transmission 5th July


18:46 It is late in starting. We’ve trying to find out why. Looks as if it is about to start.

18:00 Transmission established on 10-02 and 905. Sync looks good from site.

The test period for this evening’s transmission begins at 18:00 BST. Walk-in from 19:15 BST. The performance starts at 19:30 BST.

Update 12:46 Sync confirmed good with proper sync test.

Update 12:32 Test material was initially out of sync. We are waiting for a proper sync test.

Update 12:08 Services established and stable on IS 10-02 and IS 905. Currently test is only colour bars with a rotating star. Service name is ‘Taormina’.

This morning’s test ahead of  tonight’s broadcast starts at 12:00 BST on IS 10-02 and IS 905. the performance will be subtitled in English. If ‘English’ appears twice in the subtitle selection menu please select the one lower in the list.

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